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elliptical reviews


Elliptical reviews can be a helpful tool when navigating the many models available today. You can check magazines like Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest and online resources like for an overview of popular machines. But not all reviews are credible, so how do you know which ones to trust? Find out after the jump.


Since not all reviews are credible, don’t base your selection of a machine on just one elliptical review. Some reviews are influenced by a company’s advertising, are part of a marketing partnership or are for-hire endorsements, which obviously influences the results.

Consider the following when evaluating elliptical reviews:

1)    Source — Who is conducting the review – fitness professionals, exercisers, product engineers, or is this not specified? People with expertise have the most credibility. Don’t simply check online reviews – also check reputable printed publications; go to the library, a newsstand or a bookstore to consult them.

2)    Testing – Has hands-on testing with quantifiable measurements and results been done or is the review merely a listing of product specifications? The more testing in the lab and in real life, the more accurate the review typically is.

3)    Price/Quality – The products in the review should all be fairly close in price range, as a $300 elliptical cannot realistically match the features and quality of a $3000 one. If prices vary widely, scrutinize where models that you are interested in fell short and excelled, and determine if those areas are critical to your final decision.

4)    Features – If a particular model scored well on a feature that you don’t want or don’t use, keep that in mind. Scrutinize the features/categories of review that are must-haves for you.

5)    Quantity – If you’re interested in a specific model/models, check for multiple reviews on these to look for consistency in rankings over time. Consider several reviews, as these ultimately are opinions, and opinions vary.

Finally, don’t buy an elliptical based on reviews alone; it is important to physically try the machine to ensure that it is right for you and you find the best elliptical machine for your body type. Even better, try a few machines to compare and determine which you like the best. In the end, elliptical reviews should serve as a guide – it’s your opinion that is the most important!