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Social media opens many doors for businesses to market their products and services. Sharing your fitness center’s latest gym addition to your socials is a great way to encourage members to give the new machine a go. Plus, spreading the news about your latest equipment can also attract new clients. Maximize your latest investment by leveraging social media to promote your new gym equipment.

Create a Highlight Feature

A great way to showcase new equipment at your gym is by creating a dedicated “Equipment Highlight” feature on your social media platforms. Highlights are basically posts that share a detailed overview of the equipment, its unique features, benefits, and how to use it properly for effective results—it’s an educational introduction. Sharing the best aspects of your new equipment brings attention to it and intrigues viewers.

At Octane, our commercial-grade ellipticals feature advanced engineering, such as the LateralX’s adjustable and expansive motion range, which can attract gym goers and users looking for more workout customizability. Formally introduce your new equipment to your existing and potential members with a highlight feature post.

Pro Tip: Incorporate multimedia elements such as high-quality photos, videos, or even 3D models to help your audience understand the equipment thoroughly.

Share User Experiences

Sharing the experience of actual users can be a powerful tool for promoting your new equipment on social media. Posting member testimonials on your own social media platforms authenticates your equipment’s promises and fosters a sense of community among your gym members. When potential customers see real people achieving real results, it builds trust in your brand and increases their willingness to join your gym and try out the new equipment. Encourage your gym members to share their experiences using the latest equipment through photos or videos of their workouts or conduct mini-interviews and share them on social media.

Post Workout Demos

Demos are equipment highlights in action that let the product do the talking. Demo videos allow you to show how the new equipment functions and how to maximize it to meet specific goals.

Having someone demonstrate the different seat position variations available on the xRide XR6000s can educate members on the benefits of this easy-to-use, recumbent elliptical. Gym members looking for low-impact, customizable workouts will appreciate the demo. Record a series of workout routines on your new equipment and demonstrate the benefits and usage of your new equipment, making it more appealing to potential customers.

Knowing how to leverage social media to promote your new gym equipment generates buzz and interest, making your investment profitable and your gym more appealing to potential clients. Social media is a powerful tool that is a must-have in every fitness center’s marketing arsenal, so make the most of it!