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Commercial Lateral Ellipticals

Support your clients on their health and fitness journeys with our commercial lateral ellipticals. These fitness machines offer exercisers a cardio workout that leads to effective and efficient results. Our lateral exercise trainers target muscles in the legs that allow your clients to burn more calories and see real results. From endurance to core stability, our equipment gives your clients the perfect tool to help them achieve their various fitness goals. Octane commercial lateral ellipticals are a valuable addition to any health club or fitness center.

The LateralX features adjustable side-to-side & stepping motion, MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, space-efficient designs, and other advanced workout programs that transform workout experiences. Along with top-grade workout features, all of our equipment is built with exceptional durability for rigorous use. Guarantee better exercises and fitness results with effective, quality, and versatile lateral exercise machines from Octane.

Octane Commercial Lateral Ellipticals