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How We Serve The Health Club Market

Attract new members and keep your current ones coming back for more with health club exercise equipment from Octane Fitness. We are committed to serving your exercisers with the industry’s top low-impact, performance-based cardio equipment. With our health club machines, your members can choose from a variety of programs to suit their specific health and fitness needs while driving results further than before. Let Octane help fuel your members’ motivation and enhance workout experiences at your health club.

Commercial exercise equipment in a health club.


Installing a selection of Octane’s health club exercise equipment provides your members with ergonomic, low-impact equipment to improve their overall quality of life. With our team available throughout each process, you can always count on Octane to keep your health club’s machines in optimal condition, from installation to beyond. Check out our comprehensive portfolio and explore how we serve the diverse exercisers within the Health Clubs market. For any inquiries, quotes, or equipment requests, please get in touch with our representatives, and we’ll help you join the many health clubs reaping the benefits of working with Octane Fitness.

Group of people working out on Octane Fitness machines