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Elliptical machines are popular due to their low-impact, high-efficiency workouts. Standing and lateral elliptical steppers are two enticing options, each offering unique benefits to gym-goers. But which elliptical is right for your gym? Weigh out the pros and cons of standing vs. lateral ellipticals and discover which of the two best match the experience you want to offer members.

Targeted Muscle Groups

Standing ellipticals provide a full-body workout that predominately targets the lower body, engaging your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves with a forward and backward motion. Moving handlebars engage the upper body. You even activate the core to improve stability.

Lateral ellipticals also provide full-body workouts; however, their side-to-side motion activates different muscle groups. They target the inner and outer thighs and gluteus medius and minimus. The lateral movement provides a more unique and effective workout, enhancing muscular balance and coordination.

Usability Ease

One significant benefit of standing elliptical stepper machines is their intuitive design. These machines mimic the natural movement patterns of running or walking, making them approachable for beginners. Octane’s XT4700 elliptical further enhances the usability of standing ellipticals, offering enhanced ergonomics. This elliptical also offers SmartStride® technology—an interactive ergonomic analyzer and automatic adjuster. On the other hand, lateral ellipticals require a bit of a learning curve due to their unfamiliar side-stepping motion.

Workout Versatility

Standing elliptical’s fixed stride patterns and directions limit workout versatility. While they provide a great cardiovascular session, users looking to engage in more dynamic routines might find these machines lacking. Octane’s XT-One elliptical stepper diversifies standard standing elliptical workouts with running, hiking, or climbing movement options, varying resistances, inclines, and stride motions.

Like Octane’s LateralX, lateral ellipticals provide more multi-planar movements, differing from the traditional linear paths offered by standing ellipticals. The side-stepping action introduces a new range of motion. Lateral ellipticals provide a compelling way to prepare the body for dynamic sports that require lateral movement, such as tennis or skiing, ensuring a varied and beneficial workout. The ability to alter movement type diversifies a repetitive exercise routine, keeping members motivated and engaged.

The varying pros and cons of standing vs. lateral ellipticals highlight the machines’ different workout experiences. For user-friendly and simple stepping elliptical workouts, standing ellipticals are the perfect equipment for the job. Lateral ellipticals offer more advanced, unique, and diverse workouts. The type of standing or lateral elliptical can also vary workout experiences, depending on the machine’s design and advanced features.

Check out Octane’s range of commercial elliptical stepper machines to provide your members with the benefits of standing ellipticals. We provide a diverse selection, offering varying standing elliptical workouts to explore. Find the perfect elliptical for your gym with Octane Fitness!