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lose belly fat



Bellies get a lot of attention, whether they are abs of steel or hang-over-the-belt ones. When it comes to shaping up and losing weight, many people seek to lose belly fat fast.


Because the belly is a very visible area, when changes show up here, people are typically motivated to keep exercising and watching their diet.

So, is there a superior way to lose belly fat fast? There is no magic bullet when it comes to fat loss, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Fat loss comes from burning more calories than you eat through food. When a caloric deficit exists, the body turns to its fat reserves as fuel. As fat is metabolized, fat stores shrink and weight loss results.

The wrinkle here is that we cannot dictate where fat is burned. So while we may be killing it on the elliptical, the body may be using fat from the legs or hips. And while some people think that they can lose belly fat fast by doing hundreds of crunches, exercise physiology just doesn’t support this. In fact, crunches work the rectus abdominus muscle, but since it lies under subcutaneous fat, this washboard won’t be visible without the fat layer on top reduced first.

To burn body fat, you must do cardiovascular activity regularly for 20-60 minutes, several times each week, elevating your heart rate to 75-85% of your maximum heart rate. Maintaining the proper intensity and adding workout frequency or duration will expedite fat loss.

One tool to help with fat loss is Octane’s free SmartLink app that connects to and controls an elliptical to add intelligence to workouts, including customized routines that the app creates based on an exerciser’s goals. It also adds important cross training variety, including cardio sessions and strength training exercises.

Note that exercise is only one-half of the equation. To lose belly fat, you must also follow a smart eating plan that restricts calories and minimizes intake of high-calorie, high fat foods such as sweets, chocolate, fried foods and alcohol.

So exercise and caloric reduction are the best ways to lose body fat – including belly fat – relatively quickly. Remember that “fast” is a relative term, and the body may not respond as rapidly as we prefer. Stay the course and don’t be tempted to pursue drastic measures, such as fasting, which aren’t sustainable or healthy. Most people that employ quick weight loss methods end up gaining all the weight back, and even more.

Follow a steady and varied workout plan and eat a limited-calorie diet – and over time, body fat should decrease.