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Every week Octane Fitness employees can participate in team CROSS CiRCUIT interval training workouts held in our showroom. See what this week’s team workout was and download a copy for yourself!

A motivational note from Octane Fitness team member and certified group fitness leader:

How effective is your healthy eating and exercising becoming? If you are looking at a way to work out consistently and/or lose weight (and keep it off), here are some steps you might consider.

  • Create a support network. Sometimes it’s hard to do it on your own. By working out with your spouse or a friend (or your co-workers) you have someone to share your victory and give each other kudos.
  • Set clear goals. Make your goals measurable (and reasonable) and establish a time frame for accomplishing them. Then go at it and keep track of your progress. Make note of all your activities, log what you eat, good and bad, but keep moving forward. Eventually you’ll take a look at how far you have come, and yes you will amaze yourself.
  • Plan your workouts and meals. Continue to make a game plan of what your next workout will be and what your meals will consist of for the following day. Plan day-to-day, pack the night before and make yourself stick to the plan. Make sure to include a variety interval training and training to keep things interesting. Variety is a key ingredient for diet too!
  • Discover the value in what you are doing. Exercising regularly and eating right shouldn’t feel like suffering and deprivation; it’s about taking good care of you. You deserve the time to exercise and eat well and seeing the value in doing so is important. So make taking care of yourself one of your priorities.


Octane Fitness Team Workout – 2/10
Download a PDF of our CROSS CiRCUIT workout