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Every week Octane Fitness employees can participate in team CROSS CiRCUIT interval training workouts held in our showroom. See what this week’s team workout was and download a copy for yourself!

A motivational note from Octane Fitness team member and certified group fitness leader:

Are you getting frustrated because you are dieting, working out, tracking all your calories and doing everything right, but still not losing weight? That can be the most frustrating thing, not seeing results, or not seeing them soon enough. I can’t begin to tell you how often my club members, friends and even acquaintances ask me why they’re not losing weight despite doing X, Y or Z. It’s one of the most common questions I get as a Group Fitness Instructor. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that easy to come by. It can be anything from your diet (you might be eating back your calories that you burned), relying on exercise only as your way of losing weight, doing the wrong kind of exercise, not being consistent enough with your exercise or not challenging yourself enough when you do.

I’m not a nutritionist but I do know that the kinds of food that you eat do play a huge factor in your results. If you really want to see results, try and learn more about the food that you eat and what you need to change about your diet to make your weight loss apparent. As for exercise, if you are exercising regularly, you’re already doing a very important thing to improve your health. But when it comes to exercising for weight loss, there’s a lot of confusion out there. The truth is that all types of exercise will burn calories, which can help with weight loss. But when it comes to losing weight, it’s all about burning calories. And in most cases, interval training is a calorie-burning king. Cross Circuit workouts are great at mixing calorie-burning cardio with cardio based strength building in between. Let’s get stronger, burn some wicked calories, and who knows, you just might get yourself closer to your fitness goals.

Just don’t give up. Success does not come from wishing, it comes from hard work, sweat, pain and most importantly, heart.


Octane Fitness Team Workout – 2/03
Download a PDF of our CROSS CiRCUIT workout


Exercise Tips
Helpful descriptions of some of the more difficult or lesser-known exercises listed above.

  • Goblet Squat – Stand in standard squat position and hold weight vertically in both hands. Keep weight at chest height as you lower into squat. Repeat for duration of interval.





  • T Pushups – Perform a pushup, using your core to keep back straight. When arms are fully extended in pushup position left right hand off floor and twist into T position with right hand over head. Alternate between lifting right and left hands after each pushup for interval duration.