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Every week Octane Fitness employees can participate in team CROSS CiRCUIT interval training workouts held in our showroom. See what this week’s team workout was and download a copy for yourself!

A motivational note from Octane Fitness team member and certified group fitness leader:

Do you find yourself waking up with the best intentions – to exercise, watch what you eat and make healthier choices? But then life happens. Whether it is work related or family oriented, before you know it, your plan is in trouble and your prospects of “sticking to it” aren’t looking very good. As the day progresses, it gets worse and by the end of the day you have no energy left for exercise and the thought of preparing a “healthy” meal when you get home feels more like a burden. Something has to give, right? Usually it’s exercise and healthy eating. So, how do you change your pattern? It’s all about consistency. If you are consistent with your healthy lifestyle, you will start to build a habit, and we all know that habits are hard to break. So, follow these 3 simple rules to be consistent:

  1. Never tell yourself that you are not motivated. If you want to exercise more, get in shape, eat better and live a healthier lifestyle that is motivation enough. As long as you want it.
  2. Build momentum one step at a time. It’s never easy to start a new program, so make sure you take one day at a time and know that it could take several weeks to make it a routine.
  3. Always have a Plan B. Life is unpredictable and complicated, so you need to have a plan B ready, even before you actually need it. Be prepared for the days you know you won’t want to make a healthy dinner and plan for busy days when you know you won’t be able to fit in some interval training. Being prepared will prevent you from losing focus all together.

Stay Fueled and have fun with your workouts!


Octane Fitness Team Workout – 1/27
Download a PDF of our CROSS CiRCUIT workoutwow_2014-1.27
















Exercise Tips
Helpful descriptions of some of the more difficult or lesser-known exercises listed above.

  • Inch Worm Pushups – Watch a brief video tutorial and add hop at end of each pushup
  • Star Jacks – Watch a brief video tutorial.
  • Supine Chest Fly with Leg Lifts – Lay flat on your back with legs out straight in front of you and move weights / resistance bands from sides in fly motion until they are over your head. Raise legs and then simultaneously lower legs and arms to complete chest fly with leg raises.
  • V Sit with Bicep Curls – Start by grabbing a weight / resistance band in each hand and sit with your legs together and your knees bent. Left feet off ground and use core to hold your body in V position. With you arms extended to your sides, curl and contract your biceps, bringing your forearms towards your shoulders, squeezing your bicep muscles. Keep feet off ground and repeat bicep curls for duration of interval.