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I Don’t Have Time!  People definitely are busier than ever these days, and sometimes, we claim that we don’t have time to exercise. While that really may be true on some jam-packed days, many of us tend to prioritize and spend time on what we really want to do. Let’s face it, people still watch a lot of TV, hang out on Facebook and play games on their phones or iPads.

And if you think that you need a full hour to make your workout count, think again. While you typically get greater results from longer or more frequent exercise sessions, the good news is that research has found that even shorter sessions are beneficial.

How to workout for busy people?  If you can’t find a 30- or 45-minute block to exercise on a particular day, try breaking up your routine into 10- or 15-minute bouts. As long as your total energy expenditure is the same as if you performed one longer, steady-state session, the effects are the same on fitness.

To make this effective, however, intensity is important. Your exercise can’t just consist of a slow shuffle from the TV to the refrigerator, of course. You need to take a brisk walk, climb the stairs repeatedly, lift some weights or perform push-ups, crunches and planks, for example, at a level in which you really feel like you are working.

The goal is to be as active as you can for whatever duration you can afford. It all adds up and makes a difference.