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Fitness trackers are great, which is why nearly everyone these days works out with one. There are heart rate monitors, distance trackers, calorie counters and a myriad of other options. However, most of them share one common shortcoming… they’re not always the easiest to read while you’re working out!

The last thing you want to do while in the middle of a run is have to stop and check our heart rate on your synced watch, or pull out your phone to check distance. Forget about doing either if encounter an errant down pour or you’re running in winter months with gloves on. That’s what puts the screeneye x sports visor ahead of all those other techy gadgets; the streamline sports visor puts all your workout information into a heads-up display.

With its innovative display, the screeneye x sports visor displays all your training data through your field of vision. Compatible with any ANT+ sensor or o-synce accessories, you can display all your training data, such as heart rate, speed, distance and lap times, without having to fumble around or losing pace. Since the display is illuminated by way of a light collecting film integrated into the visor, your info is easily read regardless of lighting. When you’ve finished your workout all training data can be exported to your computer for long term tracking.

Unfortunately, the screeneye x sports visor is not currently for sale in North America. You can purchase directly from the Germany-based company, o-synce, on their website but expect to pay around $250 USD with shipping. Even the product’s page on lists it as “currently unavailable” and a quick Google search didn’t turn up any viable purchasing options. So, if you’re not excited about shelling out the extra money to order internationally, this promotional video will have to due until the screeneye x sports visor is more widely available.