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In recent years, functional training has become fashionable for all those looking to improve their physical condition, including athletes. But not everyone knows what is functional training actually is.

The concept of functional training has received much attention in recent years due to several elite athletes showing off their magnificent results. By definition “functional training” means training with a purpose, in other words, it should have a positive effect on the activity or sport practiced. It isn’t limited to just sports development; functional training is also beneficial in training the body for the activities performed in daily life.

Not only is functional training a useful tool to achieve increased physical performance, the types of exercises involved can both prevent and possibly rehabilitate certain injuries. The methodology behind functional training is based on scientific concepts and research that demonstrate its advantages over conventional training. Originally this approach was limited to functional areas of rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Now, thanks to brands like Power Plate and Octane Fitness, functional training can be achieved in your very own home.  The Octane Fitness LateralX is a great piece for functional training, as it is designed to move in three dimensions exactly as we move in everyday life. The smooth 3D motion of the LateralX elliptical goes from a vertical stepping motion to an adjustable side-to-side motion. This one-of-a-kind cardio workout trains the body in new directions for greater challenge, better performance and total-body transformation.


Excerpts from this blog post original appeared in a blog posted on the Sports Solution blog. Sport Solution is a preferred distributor of Octane Fitness products with locates throughout Mexico. Visit the Sport Solution website to learn more about their company and product offerings.