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When searching to buy fitness equipment, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices available. Today, there are multiple models of cardiovascular and strength-training exercise machines, with numerous options and features. To simplify research, professional reviews can be a convenient method to evaluate several machines at once.

When examining elliptical reviews, first understand that all are not alike – and some may not be legitimate examinations of products, but instead are influenced by advertising or marketing partnerships. Check the following:

1)    Is the product actually being reviewed with hands-on testing, or is the review just a listing of specifications?

2)    Who is conducting the review – fitness professionals, exercisers, product engineers, or is this not specified? For the most credibility, products should be reviewed by people with expertise.

3)    Are the products reviewed all roughly in the same price range? Comparing a $500 treadmill to one that’s $3000 is not equitable or necessarily reliable.

4)    Look at how many reviews are available for the product, and consider more than one if possible.

5)    Don’t base your purchase on reviews only, but be sure to use the product yourself in a store to assess how it feels and compare it to others.

 To give you a sense of what you should look for, here’s an example of some Octane Fitness elliptical reviews:

 “This elliptical provides such a variety of total body workouts, including goal programs, like a 10K and half marathon—along with digital heart rate monitoring—that you’re more exhilarated than exhausted afterward.” – Oprah Winfrey on the Q37ci

“No other elliptical machine feels like it does, and it seems incredibly unique. Members love new, exciting offerings, and this provides that from the moment you get on.” – Panel of health club operators and fitness industry consultants, about the LateralX

The Q47c is a repeat Best Buy selection, because no other model has a better combination of quality construction, smooth performance and premium features. We found this model to have the smoothest movement among models that have an automatic stride-adjustment range of 18-26 inches.” – Consumers Digest

“The top-rated Octane Fitness Q37ci is solidly built, has four heart rate programs, comes with a chest strap heart-rate monitor and earned very high marks for safety.” – Consumer Reports

“For those looking for the ultimate cross trainer, look no further than the xR6 units.” –, about the xRide recumbent ellipticals

Reviews can be helpful guides, but ultimately you should purchase the product that feels the best to you and meets your needs – and one that you will use regularly!