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muscle cramps


Every runner is plagued by muscle cramps. Sometimes they last just a moment, while other times they can sideline you for weeks. Having a basic understanding of muscle cramps, what causes them and how to treat them, can keep you running stronger for longer.


It is estimated that 20% of athletes in the big races (Ironman triathlon for example), are victims of the phenomenon of cramps. Despite this high prevalence in endurance athletes or extreme endurance, we still do not know the precise causes and actual risk factors for muscle cramps.

Continue reading about what causes muscle cramps and how to treat them on the Lepape-Info website, which is run by our Octane Fitness certified distributor in France.


The website is full of excellent posts on everything from healthy and training to product reviews and nutrition. We definitely recommend checking out the blog in it’s entirety (click logo below). Just make sure you have the translate option activated in your web browser, unless of course, you speak French.