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Total-Body Workouts Triumph!  With so many advantages for exercisers, ellipticals are increasingly popular. Their low-impact and intuitive motion make them an ideal choice for people of varying fitness levels. Another area where they really outshine other cardio equipment is that almost all elliptical machines provide a total-body workout.

Consider that many cardio machines only exercise the lower- or upper-half of the body, including treadmills, stationary bikes, stairclimbers and upper-body ergometers. With total-body workouts, ellipticals deliver numerous benefits:

  • More muscle groups involved for better toning
  • Greater caloric expenditure
  • Ability to isolate upper- or lower-body for targeted strength intervals
  • Variety with forward and reverse motion
  • Weight-bearing exercise helps build bone density
  • Standing movement challenges core stability and balance
  • Synchronized motion requires coordination
  • Low-impact movement minimizes stress to ankle, knee and hip joints, as well as back
  • Can lead to better results, which enhances motivation and adherence

Ellipticals and treadmills for years have been the most popular cardio equipment. While treadmills offer effective workouts, they don’t engage the upper body. Furthermore, both walking and running on treadmills subject the body to tremendous impact and jar the joints.

This is truly where the elliptical comes out ahead, particularly for anyone with a nagging injury, arthritis, orthopedic issues or back pain. Even runners and those who participate regularly in high-impact activities can help prolong their longevity by cross training with a low-impact modality like an elliptical.

Furthermore, for the greatest results from consistent exercise, people should vary their activities rather than do the same thing everyday. And while rowers and cross-country skiers also provide total-body workouts, they are not as commonly available as ellipticals, nor are their movements as intuitive or comfortable to execute properly.

More gain – less pain. Total-body workouts on ellipticals should be a consistent part of your fitness regimen.