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marathon training


Spring it finally here and not only does that mean nice weather, it means the start of marathon season! We asked Tom, a member of the Octane Fitness engineering team, an experienced runner and Team Chocolate Milk finalist, to share some of his training tips with us.  


What do you think are the biggest “Do’s and Don’ts” of marathon training?
The biggest “Do” is kind of two fold and that’s, plan to commit and commit to your plan. Successfully running a marathon doesn’t happen on a whim, you need to commit yourself mentally and physically for the challenge. Once you’ve planned to commit to the process, you need to commit to a marathon training plan. There are tons of running programs available, find one that fits you and run! My training program creates accountability and a checklist for what I have to get done.

Any “Don’ts”?
If you skip or miss a training run, let it go. Don’t go back and try to make up runs that you didn’t get done. You are more likely to injure yourself by piling on more miles and not giving your body chance to rest.

You mentioned having a checklist for your marathon training, can you elaborate on your training process.
I try to schedule 3-4 weekday shorter runs (3-5 miles) and a weekend long run (8-20 miles). Serious training for me starts 12-16 weeks before a marathon but I run “maintenance miles” constantly to keep myself from backsliding. I also like to mix a little strength training in 2-3 times a week as well. So my process is more like a schedule than a checklist but it keeps me accountable to a specific marathon training plan.

Which, if any, of the programs on our Octane Fitness ellipticals do you use for training?
CROSS CiRCUIT on a LateralX is awesome! It gives me a well-rounded total body workout that really challenges me. And you never have to do the same workout twice unless you want to.

Is this the first marathon you’re running?
This will be my second marathon but in the past two years I’ve run 9 other races of vary distances.

Wow, that’s quite a bit! What’s your favorite race you’ve ran?
This year’s Twin Cities Marathon was definitely my favorite. Great course, perfect weather, and awesome spectators all contributed to a PR (personal record) for me.

Anything else about marathon training or running you want to share?
Take running one step at a time, you probably won’t qualify for Boston Marathon on your first race but don’t be discouraged and enjoy the process.


A big thank you to Tom for taking the time to share his marathon training tips with us. Check out his Team Chocolate Milk video online now.