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theellipticalmachineNot All Ellipticals are the Same Considering an elliptical for workouts at the gym or at home? The elliptical machine is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment, providing low-impact, total-body workouts that can accommodate beginners to athletes. They are so popular because they work!

However, not all ellipticals are the same. Sure, they all have pedals and moving handlebars and programs, but if you try different models, you will immediately notice some important differences, such as how they feel and what they offer for workouts.

Check out the following, which are features on Octane Fitness ellipticals that are not available on any others:

  • Body-Mapping Ergonomics – designed based on human biomechanics, delivers a natural fluid motion with smooth articulation and acceleration
  • MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars – unique shape and path of motion lets you vary your grip and engage more muscles; plus, it feels much more comfortable
  • SmartStride – analyzes your pace and direction and automatically adjusts stride length accordingly to replicate walking, jogging and running
  • Workout Boosters – X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster are like virtual personal trainers, directing you to incorporate various moves at select intervals for effective cross-training
  • CROSS CiRCUIT – unique programming lets you get it all done in one workout, with cardio intervals alternating with strength exercises using body weight, Octane’s Powerbands, PowerBlocks or dumbbells

The elliptical machine offers so many benefits, and when it comes to your health and fitness, don’t just settle for good enough. Try a variety of models and find one that will keep you motivated, feels great and equips you to reach your goals!