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situpsThese days, everyone seems to be looking for “the best workout,” whether that means it is the most challenging, sweat-inducing or results-producing. Whatever the definition of “best workout,” the answer may vary for each individual, given differences in preferences, fitness levels, body types and goals. There really is no “best workout” that applies universally to every exerciser.

That said, one great workout for virtually everyone is the unique CROSS CiRCUIT from Octane Fitness. Performed on an Octane elliptical machine, this rigorous program combines cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength-training exercises on the floor, which results in efficient overall conditioning, mega calories burned and valuable variety.

Exercisers can select how long to perform cardio intervals, and can pick their own strength-training exercises and sequence, using dumbbells, PowerBlock dumbbells, Octane’s Powerbands and body weight. The machine signals each interval with visual and audio prompts, while you do the hard work. Octane even offers six workout DVDs for quick routines at your fingertips:  Total-Body, Legs and Butt, Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Core, and Golf Strength.

Anyone can do CROSS CiRCUIT workouts because they are customized – enabling exercisers to choose overall duration, interval timing, resistance level and strength exercises, incorporating modifications or progressions as necessary. And because it hits the entire body with both cardio and strength, time flies by and effectiveness is maximized. In addition, with efficient routines that work, motivation is jump-started. No need to spend 30 minutes doing cardio followed by another 30 minutes lifting weights when you have CROSS CiRCUIT.

Plus, research shows that circuit training with cardio and strength intervals can boost cardio endurance, burn more calories, reduce body fat, increase metabolism and break through plateaus. Now that does really sound like the best workout!