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The Octane Fitness office in the United Kingdom recently supplied the Cardiff Blues rugby union with a LateralX with CROSS CiRCUIT pro, as part of a public relations story. The installation has already garnered great publicity for Octane Fitness throughout the United Kingdom.


In November of 2013, the United Kingdom office installed an Octane Fitness LateralX with CROSS CiRCUIT kit into the Cardiff Blues RFC gym at their Vale of Glamorgan training ground. The goal was to not only provide the Cardiff Blues with the best in training equipment but to also, hopefully, receive some press attention. The decision to work with the Cardiff Blues was an easy one, as Neil Campbell, Sales Director of the Octane Fitness UK office, said “it is great to be able to work with a rugby club of the stature of the Cardiff Blues.”

Ocardiff-blues_largerX2nce the LatearlX was installed, the Octane Fitness staff requested pictures and quotes to use in a press release to area media outlets. Trystan Bevan, the Cardiff Blues Head of Physical Performance, commented “the lateral, smooth and non-impact motion of the Octane Fitness LateralX is ideal for our players. So many gym machines work in straight lines, yet we rarely run that way on the pitch itself, so the variable lateral motion is ideal. It is more like the action the players do during matches, while the non-impact style of the LateralX x-trainer is perfect for rehab and recovery too.” This quote, along with accompanying photo were then used in the aforementioned press release.

Within days of sending the press release the article was picked up by a number of media outlets. Among those that picked up the story were World Leisure Organization and Health Club Management digital magazine. Thanks to the media interest, the benefits of this promotional installation were not limited to the United Kingdom. Outlets in Hong Kong and Australia also published the story.

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