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lose weight


Most people know that to lose weight, they must consistently diet and exercise – not just do one without the other. It takes a steady dose of reduced caloric intake and greater caloric expenditure to shed pounds over time – and efforts must be continuous to be most effective.



Maintaining motivation to eat less and workout more admittedly can be challenging, especially if the scale isn’t changing much. Here are some tips to keep going, even when it is difficult.

Tips to Lose Weight

  1. Reward yourself for victories – whether you skipped desserts each day or did every workout this week, treat yourself to a new workout outfit, a movie with a friend (without buttery popcorn!) or a massage.
  2. Write down weekly and monthly goals – seeing what you’re after in writing can help you diligently pursue it. Make these goals specific and aspirational, but attainable. Cross them off your list when you accomplish each one.
  3. Enlist a buddy – recruit a family member, friend or coworker to join your journey of diet and exercise. He or she doesn’t necessarily have to participate in your entire plan, but even having a workout buddy or someone to swap recipes with can keep you committed.
  4. Vary workouts – to lose weight, it’s helpful to challenge your body in different ways, and it helps to keep your mind interested when you aren’t slogging through the same workouts day after day. Try the treadmill, strength training, swimming and the new XT-One cross trainer from Octane Fitness, just to name a few suggestions.
  5. Try something new – keep your mind and body interested by testing a new food or recipe, or by participating in a class to learn a new physical skill, such as dance, tennis or kayaking.
  6. Find a like-minded community – weight loss groups such as Weight Watchers or formal pound-shedding programs at health clubs are great sources of encouragement, support and empathy, and can help keep you on track.
  7. Bounce back from setbacks – if you miss a workout or splurge on a meal, don’t let that derail all your efforts up until then. Don’t beat yourself up, but vow to continue your plan immediately. Refuse to let any setbacks cause you to quit, but carry on with perseverance.

While it’s not easy, it certainly is possible to lose weight, change your lifestyle and improve your health and fitness. Maintain your resolve and commitment one day at a time for long-term results.