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Whether you’ve never been a runner or are trying to get back into it after a hiatus, it’s important to ease back into running. Use these tips to start running and prevent energy. Who knows, you may even become a lifelong runner!

There are endless resources available to people who want to start running. From websites and mobile apps to books and magazines, if you’re looking to start running there are tips and programs out there. One great resource is Apart from their standard running articles and tips, their website features a portion called The Starting Line.

On The Starting Line you can find countless articles and even downloadable programs to take you from couch to marathon.  Some programs and features have to be paid for but there are extensive resources available for free. Among those free articles is their guide to how to start running. Their experts recommend follow these tips to start running:

  • Start with runs/walks
  • Beware of the terrible toos
  • Let your body be the boss
  • Get the goods
  • Find the right route for you
  • Train your brain
  • Relax and run tall
  • Take breaks before you nee to
  • Keep your calories in balance
  • Be patient

Visit to read the original post and start implementing their tools to successfully integrate running into your life. Once you decide to start running, it’s not as simple as getting up, lacing up, and running. It’s important to go about it mindfully to prevent injury and not to overwork your body. Running smart will make the entire process more enjoyable and will get you running for life.