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running outdoors


Summer is here and with it comes the return of running outdoors. While taking workouts outside is wonderful, the sun can pose a threat to your skin and your overall health. But you don’t have to sweat the sun.



After a long winter, there isn’t much greater joy than being able to go running outdoors again. Feeling the warmth of the sun has a way of invigorating and energizing every workout. Even if you live in a warm climate, there is something about summer-time runs that can’t be beat. However, we all know that the sun can be detrimental to our skin and cause dehydration, leading to an array of possible health problems. recently published an article about such problems with running outdoors. While there may be downfalls to exercising outside in the sun, their article reinforces the idea that you don’t have to sweat the sun! Getting that sun exposure can actually be beneficial to your health too! Read the full article “A Bright Outlook on Running in the Sun” at