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quick ways to lose weight


Everyone seems to want to know about quick ways to lose weight, as dropping pounds be hard work and take time. Our instant gratification society typically struggles with long-term efforts and would rather seek a shortcut if possible.



While marketers may convince you that their pills, powders, diet plans and exercise machines all are quick ways to lose weight, the truth is that healthy, sustained weight loss requires calorie cutting and exercise, and takes months to accomplish, depending on how much weight you want to lose. As much as people keep looking, there just aren’t any magic bullets when it comes to shedding pounds.

There are ways, however, to help maximize the results of your efforts. As for exercise, high-intensity interval training has been shown to burn more calories and fat than traditional steady-state cardio where you maintain the same intensity throughout your entire workout. Burning more calories during your exercise session obviously can help you lose weight faster.

Interval training means that you vary the intensity of your cardio workout with bursts of high intensity – by increasing the resistance level on a machine, adding plyometric or power moves, sprinting versus jogging, cranking out a strength training exercise set, etc. The key is that the intensity should be high, and you should be working hard and feel like you are pushing yourself. What makes this training manageable is that intervals can last from 10 seconds to two minutes or so, and you get to return to the steady state intensity after each interval.

Spend another minute to three minutes in your steady state, and then tackle the next interval. Also check out interval training DVDs and classes at the gym for variety – you can find many interval sessions that will keep your body and your mind challenged.

While intervals can be difficult to complete, they boost your conditioning and foster more effective, efficient and productive workouts. Note that not every workout should be interval training or you run the risk of overtraining or even sustaining an injury. Incorporate 2-3 interval training sessions each week into your regimen and stick to them. Adjust the interval duration and exercises/intensity level as you progress to continue to see results.

High-intensity interval training can be considered among the smartest and safest quick ways to lose weight.