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Fitness expert and Education Director at Octane Fitness, Irene Lewis-McCormick, provides her Pro Tip of the Month.

This month’s topic: High intensity interval training (HIIT).



High intensity interval training (HIIT) is proliferating in the fitness industry and for great reasons. Growing bodies of research have demonstrated HIIT’s ability to offer time efficient methods to induce many desired training benefits, including boosting fat loss and improving cardio endurance and performance; offering better blood lipid profiles and increased muscular strength and endurance.

In fact, research has demonstrated that HIIT adaptations are found to mirror those associated with traditional, steady-state, aerobic training. Gabala and colleagues (2006) examined untrained subjects who performed four to six, 30-second sprints, separated by 4 minutes of recovery, done three times a week. These subjects revealed the same beneficial changes in their heart, blood vessels and muscles as another group who performed an aerobic, steady state training program involving an hour of continuous training, 5 days per week. High intensity interval training appears to stimulate the same metabolic pathways for the improved capacity of carbohydrate and fat transport. And there is growing evidence that even highly trained athletes who already train vigorously can also improve performance by integrating HIIT into their training regimes.

A typical HIIT workout consists of 4-6 bouts of an all-out effort, separated by intervals of recovery. Trainers can determine the rest to work ratios based on client’s skills, goals and abilities. A highly effective HIIT workout can be accomplished in as little as 20 minutes. Octane elliptical trainers are the perfect tool for HIIT, as changing speeds and intensities occurs quickly, as required for performing HIIT workouts, with all the intensity and none of the impact. Studies have demonstrated that this type of training can dramatically improve aerobic capacity in as little as two weeks.

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