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One of our Fitness Secrets? Pack Your Bags

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to help stay on track for workouts is to pack my gym bag or set out my exercise clothes the night before. Whether I’m going for a run outside, hitting my elliptical machine at home or going to a class at the gym after work, I make sure I have everything I need in one place, from clothes to music to shoes. It sounds simple, but having that gear set aside ready to go is not only a visual reminder of my commitment, but it kills any excuses about not being ready to go or not having time to gather up what I need to exercise.

For early morning workouts, this is particularly helpful since most of us tend to be groggy – even after you hit the snooze button once or twice. I set my clothes in the bathroom, which is generally my first stop upon getting out of bed. Sometimes I’ll even start getting dressed even while I’m not yet certain that I want to workout. But it works – once I’m dressed to exercise, I’ve never not gotten moving.

Simple but effective pre-planning enhances adherence, maximizes productivity (no wasted time looking around for your headphones) and benefits your body and mind.