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We love great techy gadgets here at Octane Fitness. We’re constantly looking for the latest and greatest in fitness trackers, apps and accessories to heighten our runs and workouts. But from time to time we find gadgets that are just too cool not to write about, like the QOOQ tablet by Kitchen Confidential.

The QOOQ (pronounced like “cook”) tablet is the ultimate techy gadget for anyone who likes to cook. Whether you’re a wanna-be chef who can’t tell a boning knife from a filet knife or you’ve mastered the art of French cooking, the QOOQ tablet is a must-have accessory.  So what makes QOOQ so great? Apart from receiving Oprah Winfrey’s stamp of approval as part of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2013, the people at Kitchen Confidential thought of everything when making the QOOQ.

For starters, the touchscreen tablet is literally made for the kitchen. It’s built to withstand spills, messes, heat and just about anything that can happen while cooking. Durability aside, at its most basic the QOOQ is an electronic recipe book. With over a 1,000 preloaded recipes, you could simply use it as such and leave it at that. But the QOOQ becomes a “must have” item when you dig into its endless features.

Chief among the features is searchability. It was actually the ability to search by ingredient that got the QOOQ a spot on Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year. With Oprah commenting, “I’m a refrigerator chef—I cook whatever I have on hand. That’s why I think the Qooq touch tablet is fantastic: It’s loaded with 1,000 recipes searchable by ingredient…” In addition to searching by ingredient, recipes can be searched by meal course, cuisine and cook time.  There are other to-be-expected features like step-by-step instructions, ingredient lists and cooking tips.

The QOOQ sets itself apart though by taking these features to the extreme. There are over how-to 1,200 videos on everything from proper cooking techniques, like how to make a reduction sauce, to presentation tips. One of the best features is recipe customization that automatically updates the ingredient quantities as you adjust the number of people you’re cooking for.

QOOQ is also a perfect techy gadget for diet maintenance. All recipes include a per serving calorie count and you can even select a low calorie option for most recipes. Keeping your diet has never been easier with the integrated meal planner. Recipes can be dragged and dropped into a weekly calendar so you can plan out an entire week of balanced eating. Plus, you can export all ingredient lists into one grocery.

No matter your cooking level, the QOOQ tablet is your new best friend in the kitchen… and we barely scratched the surface of all the available features.