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Get Fit in 2014 – Is your New Year’s Resolution this year to get fit? Go for it – and consider purchasing home exercise equipment for maximum convenience and adherence. Elliptical machines are a great way to shape up, as they are low-impact, total-body workouts that offer multiple resistance levels and a variety of programs.

When it comes to ellipticals, Octane Fitness has you covered with several options. As the No. 1 elliptical brand in the world, Octane offers traditional standing machines, recumbent ellipticals and that newest lateral trainers. Each delivers powerful benefits, with some unique distinctions per model.

Standing Ellipticals
Take advantage of adjustable stride on some Octane models, where you can change your stride length for variety. And SmartStride automatically adjusts your stride to accommodate your pace and direction. CROSS CiRCUIT lets you combine cardio and strength training for better results faster.

Recumbent Ellipticals
No exercise machine is more comfortable that Octane’s xRide. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. With the xRide, exclusive PowerStroke technology uses more muscles (glutes in particular!) and helps exercisers blast more calories. Plus, with Workout Boosters like Chest Press, Muscle Endurance and Leg Press, you can take advantage of targeted strength intervals.

Lateral Ellipticals
Octane’s LateralX is one-of-a-kind, with a vertical elliptical stepping motion that goes to an active side-to-side motion for challenging and fun workouts like no other. Burn 27% more calories when going from Lateral Width 1 to Lateral Width 10, and enjoy a 30% increase in inner/outer thigh work, compared to traditional ellipticals. And hit those tough areas in the glutes and thighs with ThighToner and QuadPower.

Get after that New Year’s Resolution now – an investment in an Octane Fitness elliptical is one that fuels you not only this year – but for life.