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lose weight


America is suffering an obesity epidemic because we tend to eat too much and move too little. No surprise here, but those who want to lose weight often find that behavior change is difficult. Not only must they alter their diets to favor healthier, low-calorie foods, but they have to exercise regularly to shed pounds.


Our bodies were designed to move, and when we are sedentary, not only can we gain weight, but we lose muscle, reduce our cardiovascular endurance, limit flexibility and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fortunately, today, there are lots of options to exercise outside, at home or at the health club. You can simply walk or run outdoors, follow home workout DVDs or hit the gym to take advantage of the variety of equipment and classes.

Octane Fitness specializes in zero-impact cardio, and offers multiple choices to home exercisers and health club members worldwide.

Lose Weight with Octane Ellipticals

  1. Standing elliptical These time-tested favorites provide low-impact, total-body workouts that burn calories and increase endurance for every level exerciser.
  2. Recumbent elliptical The xRide seated elliptical is in a class of its own, providing all the benefits of elliptical training while sitting down. PowerStroke technology facilitates significantly greater muscle use and caloric expenditure compared to recumbent bikes.
  3. Lateral elliptical The unique Lateral X combines elliptical motion with adjustable side-to-side movement to engage the inner and outer thighs and increase caloric expenditure by 27%.
  4. XT-One Coming soon to health clubs, this versatile unit lets you walk, jog, hike or climb – all on one machine throughout workout sessions. Exercisers can take advantage of SmartStride interactive ergonomics and 10 incline levels for customized challenge.

Workout Boosters on all Octane machines foster interval training that adds variety and makes workouts fly by. And all except the recumbent Octane ellipticals incorporate CROSS CiRCUIT, an invigorating routine that combines cardio intervals on the machine with strength training exercises for an ultra efficient, effective session.

Exercise is critical to lose weight. Capitalize on the variety of machines from Octane Fitness to stay motivated and stimulate results!