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Q37ciElliptical equipment offers great, low-impact workouts and accommodates a variety of exercisers, from beginners to athletes. For those who tend to do the same workouts, ellipticals deliver a valuable way to cross train as well.

Maximizing the benefits of elliptical machines, it’s important to vary your routine. Although any exercise is valuable, just getting on the machine and doing the same manual routine at level 5 for 30 minutes twice each week won’t yield optimal results, because your body adjusts over time. You have to take advantage of all the elliptical offers to change your regimens so that you can get fit, stay fit and keep seeing results.

Here are some suggestions to get you – and keep you – motivated for productive elliptical workouts:

  • Try new programs. Move away from the manual routine and be open to new challenges. If you’re not sure what these programs are designed to do, dig out your product manual, check the manufacturers’ web site or ask a trainer at the gym. There’s an entirely new world of training, with premium machines generally offering steady-state, interval and heart rate interactive workouts. Some may automatically change the resistance level, require a different pace or vary the stride length. You should find some you like and offer new challenges to your body.
  • On Octane Fitness elliptical equipment, embrace Workout Boosters. Only Octane offers these very cool virtual personal trainers, such as X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster, that require you to perform short bursts of various movements for the ultimate in cross training and sessions that fly by.
  • Change up the motion. Go in reverse from time to time, and change your pace from slower to faster. If possible, vary the length of your stride throughout workouts for even greater variety. Take your arms out of the action periodically by using the stationary handlebars and push the legs hard.
  • Take on CROSS CiRCUIT on Octane ellipticals. Exclusive to Octane, CROSS CiRCUIT uniquely combines cardio intervals on the machine with strength-training exercises adjacent to the machine. The variety in terms of number and duration of intervals, strength exercises and accessories to use, is virtually unlimited, resulting in exceptionally efficient and effective sweat sessions.
  • Alter workouts on the fly. If you tend to get bored easily, why not change programs in the middle of your workout? There’s no reason why you can’t start with one program and then move on to something different when you’re ready for a different regimen. Requiring your body to continually adapt is a powerful way to boost conditioning.
  • Vary your sessions. Do a shorter, more intense workout with higher heart rate targets or resistance levels one day; followed by a longer, steady-state session; and then an interval routine where you alternate lower intensity with higher intensity bursts.

Remember, when it comes to exercise, change is good; and with elliptical equipment, you have lots of opportunities to cross train for more effective workouts!