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lose weight

Most people trying to lose weight are all too familiar with the formula – expend more calories than you consume – and the pounds start to disappear. While the formula is simple, the reality is that shedding weight is a challenge.

In our society, where too many individuals regularly move too little and eat too much, we have it backwards. To successfully lose weight, change and discipline are necessary.

Exercise plays a critical role in burning calories. And today, with so many different ways to work out, people can choose what suits them best. While walking and running provide great exercise, having access to fitness equipment and classes through a health club or at home is even better.

The elliptical machine is an excellent tool for exercisers of all sizes and ability levels. Whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose, ellipticals provide low-impact, total-body movement that burns calories without pounding the joints – which is particularly helpful for those carrying extra pounds.

Unlike treadmills or exercise bikes, ellipticals use all the major muscle groups, which leads to greater energy expenditure and more effective workouts. In addition, variety on the elliptical – in the form of forward and backward motion, different stride lengths and various handgrip positions – can help keep exercisers motivated.

Another way to stay motivated and get results is to take advantage of the many programs on the machine. Octane Fitness machines have goal-based workouts, like 350 calories and 10K, that give you a target to conquer. Interactive heart rate workouts customize intensity levels to ensure that you’re in the proper zone to train most efficiently.

Various interval training routines, in which you alternate between high intensity bursts and steady-state sessions, help maximize caloric burn and raise metabolism as well. And Octane’s unique CROSS CiRCUIT can help exercisers bust plateaus and enjoy results again by adding strength training intervals to cardio sessions on the elliptical. This strengthens muscles and can create a toned appearance.

While losing weight is a journey, using an elliptical consistently is a step toward your goal and a healthier lifestyle.