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keep running


Despite all the training and preparations, sometimes a race doesn’t go as planned. Professional triathlete Luke McKenzie shares his tips for pushing through to keep running.


Even the most seasoned professionals have a bad races and have to deal with setbacks mid-race. If it happens to them, it’s only a matter of time that it happens to the rest of us, less seasoned, runners. The team at Garmin spoke with Professional triathlete Luke McKenzie to find out what he does to keep running and provided these tips.

  • Don’t rush and accept help when you need it
  • Stick to your game plan to avoid a snowball effect of delays
  • Stay positive
  • Remember what motivates you
  • Reflect on what went wrong, and how it will make you better

Be sure to read the original post on the Garmin website, for more detailed tips and how Luke has used them during races.