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27. Plie with weight BHIIT – Studies indicate that interval training on ellipticals is very effective and increases caloric burn and overall conditioning. Interval training is varying intensity levels throughout your workout to allow for steady-state, maximum challenge and recovery.

If you’re using an elliptical machine, interval training is easy to incorporate. You can manually boost the resistance every 2-3 minutes to work harder for 30 seconds to one minute; then return to the original resistance level to recover back to steady state for another 2-3 minutes. You can also vary your speed as well from a jog to a sprint at set intervals.

Or you can perform stair-step intervals:  start at a jog at resistance level 3, for instance, for 1-3 minutes; then bump up to resistance level 5 for another 1-3 minutes; then increase once more to level 7 for a third interval. Then, drop back to level 5 for 1-3 minutes; then to level 3 again. Essentially, you ramp up intensity and then reduce it, which you should repeat throughout the workout.

Even better, if you’re using an Octane elliptical, you can take advantage of numerous pre-programmed interval workouts, such as Random, Interval, Custom Interval and Hill routines. For personalized training, try the interval programs that vary intensity according to your heart rate, such as Heart Rate Interval, Heart Rate Custom Interval, Heart Rate Hill and Heart Rate Speed Interval.

And exclusive to Octane, the 30:30 Interval program, designed by the experts at Athletes’ Performance, is an intense regimen that increases cardiovascular performance for new exercisers as well as elite athletes.

Octane also offers the CROSS CiRCUIT interval program.  The machine instructs you to get on and off the machine for a combination of strength and cardio interval sessions.  Next time, skip the Manual button and embrace interval training!