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xR6000v9Just Get on and Go!  What’s great about most ellipticals (like my favorites from Octane) is that they are super easy to use. There are no adjustments to the machine, complicated instructions or learning curve, and you can make workouts as simple or as involved and varied as you like.

How to use an elliptical – grab the stationary handlebars to step onto the elliptical and place one foot in each pedal. Then review the console and select Quick Start for a Manual program where you simply begin pedaling and manually control the resistance. Or you can choose from a variety of preprogrammed workouts, like 10K, 350 calorie, Heart Rate Interval and various stride length routines, depending on what model you are using. For preprogrammed workouts, select your duration and input your age and weight, which are important to accurately determine caloric expenditure and target heart rate training zones.

When you’re ready, begin pedaling, making sure to center your weight and distribute it equally over the pedals and keep your toes toward the front lip of the pedal or directly in the middle. Push down and pull through each leg equally, and increase the resistance level if the motion feels too loose or out of control. You can move forward or backward for variety.

Hold the moving handlebars loosely; don’t clench your hands. Push and pull with equal intensity, engaging your entire upper body. If the elliptical has Octane’s MultiGrip handlebars, take advantage of a variety of grips (overhand, underhand, narrow, wide) to emphasize different muscle groups. And, if your arms fatigue, drop them down to the stationary handlebars at any time for an upper-body break.

Add even more cross training benefit by trying an Octane Workout Booster, such as X-Mode, GluteKicker or ArmBlaster, which automatically prompt you to perform different movements, like squat, lean back, go fast, or pull for greater variety and effectiveness.

And remember, if you don’t like the program you selected, or if you need to change the resistance level or heart rate target, most machines let you do so on-the-fly during your workout. Make the workout work for you, and get fueled!