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how to start running


If you’re interested in learning how to start running, now is a great time to begin. Running is very popular in the U.S., with race participation at an all-time high, local running groups virtually everywhere and an abundance of gear, accessories and training tools that can help you.



One of the greatest new tools is the Zero Runner by Octane Fitness. Unlike anything available, it lets you replicate your natural running stride but without any impact. Different from a treadmill, there’s no moving belt or pounding; only independent hip and knee joints that provide support and freedom of motion.

So for a new runner, this machine provides a valuable way to train without subjecting the body to too much repetitive impact that running outside delivers. New runners can use the Zero Runner to supplement outdoor training, enhance conditioning and build mileage without increasing the risk of injury. It helps anyone who wants to learn how to start running.

Plus, using the free SmartLink app, the Zero Runner incorporates stride tracing technology so you keep an eye on stride length and adapt it as necessary if it changes as you fatigue. This way, you can perfect form, which can lead to better performance and a lower risk of injury.

SmartLink also can take the guesswork out of training, as it custom-designs regimens for 5K, 10K, ½ marathon, marathon and “just run,” which include outdoor runs and indoors sessions on the Zero Runner. Designed by athletic trainers and running coaches, the plans can vary according to your specified training duration, and a beginner level is ideal for newbies

In addition, you can integrate CROSS CiRCUIT® on the Zero Runner to capitalize on cross training. CROSS CiRCUIT alternates running intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training and flexibility exercises for better overall conditioning and to address weak links. Videos demonstrate the exercises, and numerous workouts are available, including plyometrics, lateral movements and core, for greater running efficiency and variety.

How to start running? Do some research, get a good pair of shoes, find a path, and start by alternating jogging and running for short intervals. Consult training resources and consider a heart rate monitor or smartwach for personalized feedback. Ultimately, try the Zero Runner to help you increase stamina and add speed safely.