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how to lose weight


When it comes to how to lose weight, people always want to know if there are any tricks, shortcuts or magic bullets. Weight loss is a $60 billion industry in the United States alone, which includes legitimate products and programs and many that overpromise and under deliver big-time.


The formula for losing weight is simple – calories ingested need to be less than calories expended. If you burn more calories than you eat, your body has to rely on fat for energy, which helps you shed pounds.

The process of how to lose weight, however, isn’t quite as easy. To ingest fewer calories, of course, you have to eat less food or alter the types of foods you eat – replacing high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar choices with more fruits and vegetables, for instance. You need to cut back on or eliminate soda or alcohol, as an example, and drink more water instead.

As for expending calories, exercise is the most effective method. You have to do cardiovascular activity, where you elevate your heart rate and sustain this level, for 20-60 minutes three to six times each week to get results. Try jogging, the elliptical machine, riding a bike, swimming or participating in a group exercise class.

To achieve more even faster and boost your metabolism, take on strength training using machines, free weights or resistance bands two-four times weekly. Work all the major muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Consult with a personal trainer if necessary to devise a personal program.

For greatest success, you must be consistent BOTH at calorie cutting AND exercise. If you don’t keep up the work on each end over time, you are less likely to shed pounds. You have to work at this, as enduring weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.

Ask your doctor, consult with reputable weight loss programs or find a local dietitian to help you get started safely and effectively. Take it one day at a time, forgive your setbacks and celebrate your accomplishments.

When you ask how to lose weight, know that it isn’t easy. But it is certainly possible – and life-changing for your body, mind and spirit!