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Q37ciFor convenience, nothing beats home gym workouts. Whether you’ve got one cardio machine, a big strength training unit, several dumbbells or a bunch of accessories, with some creativity, you can put together effective routines that help keep you fit in the comfort of home.

Optimum exercise regimens include both cardio and strength training, so ideally, you have the tools to do both at home. This doesn’t mean you have to own a lot of equipment – you can run outside, use exercise DVDs, incorporate body weight exercises such as push-ups and planks, and more.

One simple and efficient way to combine cardio and strength training and get a total-body workout is with CROSS CiRCUIT on Octane Fitness elliptical machines. This demanding routine delivers challenging and motivating home gym workouts.

With CROSS CiRCUIT, you alternate intervals of cardio on the elliptical with strength-training exercises on the floor using dumbbells or PowerBlocks, Octane’s Powerbands or your own body weight. You can select the exercises for each workout, as well as choose the duration of the cardio intervals, and the elliptical delivers visual and auditory prompts to keep you on track.

To get you started and add variety, Octane offers six CROSS CiRCUIT DVDs led by fitness instructor and author Chris Freytag:  Total-Body, Legs and Butt, Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Core, and Golf Strength. Exercisers of varying fitness levels can modify moves as necessary for greater or less challenge and progress at their own pace within each DVD. Freytag provides expert instruction, technique tips and motivation throughout, and workouts literally fly by. Exercisers can opt to perform one workout or can mix and match DVDs for longer, more intense sessions.

Options with CROSS CiRCUIT are unlimited, and you can incorporate medicine balls, barbells, stability balls and more if you have them. No two workouts ever have to be the same – which can improve your adherence and your results. Research shows that combining cardio and strength intervals can help burn more calories and fat, which helps individuals shed extra weight and strengthen muscles.