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home gym workoutsMany people have New Year’s Resolutions to start exercising and get in shape; and yet, research shows that adherence to exercise programs is typically less than 50% after just 6 weeks! Is there a better way to help well-intentioned people – maybe that’s you – stay true to their goal and experience success in this area?

Basically, you can exercise at a health club or formal program, at home or outside. What works best for one person may not for another – and some people thrive on a combination of all of these. However, home gym workouts do have some distinct advantages that may help keep you motivated:

  1. Convenience:  Nothing is easier than exercising at home – you don’t have to fight traffic, find a parking space, deal with inclement weather, wait for your favorite machine or class and more. Just throw on your workout clothes (they don’t even have to be your finest!) and get moving.
  2. Privacy:  Many people are self-conscious about their appearance when working out, and even avoid health clubs because they feel that clubs are full of fit people. At home, these concerns vanish.
  3. Noises/smells/sights: Let’s be honest, health club members are subject to others’ music, grunting and cell phone gabbing, in addition to perfume overload, lack of deodorant or clothing choices and body positions that can be visually distracting. At home, it’s just you and your equipment.
  4. No locker room: While many health clubs today have comfortable locker rooms, for some of us, getting undressed and dressed in front of others, wrapped in towels that are too small and too rough, is an experience we’d rather avoid.
  5. No need to pack a bag: At home, you have what you need, from your iPod to your phone, from your book to your water bottle. It’s a bummer to pack a gym bag, only to realize once you get to the club that you’ve forgotten one shoe, socks, underwear, a bra top, your headphones – you name it!
  6. Economical: Depending on what you have in your home gym – from premium machines to lower cost dumbbells or resistance bands – you can save money when compared with the monthly dues of higher end health clubs.

Bear in mind, however, that health clubs offer a lot of perks as well – from fun classes to state-of-the-art equipment to helpful trainers, along with amenities such as pools and spas that you won’t have in your home gym.

Home gym workouts are a great way to get going on a regimen and make it a habit – particularly for those making New Year’s Resolutions. Ultimately, there is no best option for everyone, but home gyms definitely can help you stay on track when life gets busy and obligations abound. Figure out what works best for you and stick with it!