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HIIT training


High-intensity interval training, better known as HIIT training, is popular because it helps exercisers get results – including improved caloric expenditure and greater stamina – fairly quickly.



HIIT training typically involves performing short bursts of high-intensity cardio or strength training exercises at set periods throughout a cardio routine. It can be as simple as jogging for 3 minutes and then sprinting for 30 seconds; then repeating the segment. Or it can involve jumping rope for 2 minutes and then performing burpees or mountain climbers for one minute.

With Tabata, another type of HIIT, you perform 20 seconds of highly intense exercises, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeat this for four minutes (8 cycles); then start over with another exercise/s. With HIIT, you can select the modalities, the exercises and the duration of intervals, and the workout should take you from aerobic to anaerobic zones with the rigorous intervals. Workout sessions can last 10-60 minutes.

A convenient way to incorporate HIIT training is with CROSS CiRCUIT on an Octane Fitness elliptical. Here, you select 2-3 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, seated elliptical, LateralX or XT-One, and the machine prompts you to perform strength training exercises for one minute. You can pick from hundreds of exercises that use body weight, Octane’s Powerbands and PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells, so you can target major muscle groups, upper-body only, lower-body, core and more.

With CROSS CiRCUIT, the workout options are virtually endless, particularly if you take advantage of Octane’s SmartLink app, which provides multiple workout plans and more than 225 exercises to help you benefit from HIIT training and reach your goals. What’s great about CROSS CiRCUIT is that you can take advantage of HIIT while you complete ultra-efficient workouts that combine both cardio and strength – all for greater effectiveness.

One caution, however – HIIT training is meant to be challenging, so it’s not recommended that you do it daily. One to three times weekly is sufficient, and you can alternate HIIT with steady-state cardio, strength training, stretching, yoga, Pilates and more for optimal fitness.