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Any golfer knows the multiple challenges of the game – the nuances of various holes, courses, clubs and skill. For all the frustrations, there’s nothing like a superb drive, a perfect putt or a birdie – which is what keeps golfers keep coming back day after day.  If you’ve been doing your CROSS CiRCUIT Golf Swing workouts and your game still isn’t what you’d like it to be, these fitness trackers may help do the trick.

Men’s Fitness recently reviewed some devices that can lower your par and improve your performance on the links. Check them out:

  • Golfsense:  This nifty, mini-gadget attaches to the back of your glove, and its sensors track and analyze the club’s speed and position, along with your swing’s tempo and path. This translates into a 3D view that you can review on your smartphone – zooming in and out and checking different angles.
  • Rules of Golf App:  When things get competitive, whip out your smartphone with this Rules of Golf app, which is the official app of the United States Golf Association’s regulations. It has you covered – even when your ball lands near a rattlesnake!
  • Callaway Upro MX+ This GPS monitor is synced with satellite imaging and aerial maps to display your exact location on the course, and tells you distance to the next hole so you can select the best club. And it comes loaded with 25,000 golf course maps.
  • Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS:  A combination rangefinder and GPS, this provides distance estimates within one yard of accuracy, giving you measurements to the front, center and back of the green.
  • SensoGlove:  To help perfect your grip and swing, the SensoGlove uses sewn-in sensors and pulls feedback from previous swings to calculate what your grip ideally should be throughout your stroke. A mini computer measures your swing’s pressure from 1 to 18 so you can adjust for your next shot.

Technology is now able to help you hit on or under par. Take advantage of it!

The original article is posted at Men’s Fitness.