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healthy food list


If you’re a runner, you’re probably careful about what you eat because you understand how nutrition and diet impact your performance. You may even have a healthy food list you use during training to prepare your body.



In fact, many companies have capitalized on the growing number of runners by introducing all sorts of supplements, energy bars, rehydration beverages and gels. But all this scientifically engineered food may not be your best choice, as natural foods tend to be best at delivering nutrients and satiety, plus they usually taste better. According to Liz Applegate, Ph.D., a dietitian for Runner’s World, a healthy food list for runners includes:

  1. Almonds – for vitamin E
  2. Eggs – good source of protein and vitamin K
  3. Sweet Potatoes – more than 250% of DV for vitamin A
  4. Whole Grain Cereal – filled with fiber
  5. Oranges – more than 100% of DV for vitamin C
  6. Black Beans – protein and fiber powerhouse
  7. Mixed Salad Greens – phytonutrients work as antioxidants
  8. Salmon – loaded with omega-3 fats
  9. Whole Grain Bread – portable and versatile
  10. Frozen Veggies – combination of antioxidants may lessen muscle soreness
  11. Whole Grain Pasta – what runner doesn’t eat pasta?
  12. Chicken – a versatile staple for runners
  13. Frozen Berries – smoothies in a snap
  14. Low-Fat Yogurt – calcium and healthy bacteria
  15. Dark Chocolate – after all those miles, you deserve a reward – and flavonols are potent antioxidants

Whether you’re a runner or exercise enthusiast, fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and plenty of water always are good choices to keep you healthy and fit, and delivering the energy you need to be your best.