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Move More!  Lots of people say that they exercise because they want to lose weight. And given the statistics on obesity in America, many individuals need to shed a few pounds to be healthier and to feel better. While exercise can help burn calories, it also provides energy and a steady dose of endorphins and helps lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Unfortunately, research also shows that only a small percentage of people exercise regularly. Too many people are way too sedentary. And while a regular workout program is optimal, some people just may not be able to commit to one.

In that case, incorporating more movement into everyday activity is helpful to get bodies moving. Every little bit counts, so consider the following health tips for adults:

  1. We drive way too much. Walk or bike to pick up the kids at school, go to post office or pick up your coffee.
  2. If you must drive, park far away – it will be easy to get a space, and you’ll benefit from hoofing it to your destination.
  3. When possible, take the stairs and skip the elevator or escalator.
  4. Stand when you’re on the phone and pace or walk around. Don’t sit.
  5. At work, get up and stretch a bit every hour or two, and walk to speak to colleagues versus calling or sending an e-mail.
  6. When watching TV, vow to exercise during the commercials. And then crank out a set of crunches, push-ups or yoga poses. Better yet, buy a piece of home equipment and workout throughout the entire show.
  7. Sounds silly, but you can do a set of calf raises or squats while brushing your teeth or waiting for the coffee to brew.
  8. Get a dog and walk it often. Your body and your spirit will benefit.
  9. Try vigorous housecleaning – motivated by some good music. Scrub hard, vacuum quickly and dust high and low.
  10. Fidget. Research has shown that those who move often in their chairs, tap their fingers or wiggle their legs actually burn more calories.