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Monday, April 21st was the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, so we thought we’d share some fun facts about this year’s race! Read more to see Boston Marathon by the numbers.


The Boston Marathon is always a big event with people coming from all over the world to run, and watch, the big race. But just how big is it? Here are a few numbers to put the scale of the marathon in perspective.

2014 Boston Marathon by the Numbers:

  • 27,000 – Typical number of participants
  • 35,755 – People running this year
  • 298 – People older than 70 running the race
  • 5,633 – Runners who weren’t able to finish last year (many of whom ran this year)
  • 95 – Countries with runners participating in the marathon, representing dozens of languages
  • 30,411 – People from the United States
  • 50 – Number of U.S. states represented
  • $806,000 – This year’s prize purse (minus bonuses) for elites
  • $27.5 million – The amount raised this year through the marathon for charity
  • 1 million – The estimated number of spectators for this year’s race
  • 3,500 – Uniformed police officers
  • 500 – Bags of ice
  • 1,800+ – Media credentials issued this year
  • 10,000 – Pairs of medical gloves


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