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AirdyneX Fan BikeMost of us over age 30 remember the classic Schwinn Airdyne bikes with the moving handlebars and the fan wheel that provided a cool breeze during workouts. These traditional bikes were everywhere – in college/university training rooms; in hotel, apartment/condo fitness centers; and in health clubs. The electronics – if any – were minimal, and no instruction was necessary to simply hop on and go.

With today’s fancy cardio equipment loaded with multiple bells and whistles, connected consoles and infinite options, choosing an Airdyne may seem like a throwback to the basics. And yet, there’s a reason this diehard workhorse has been popular for decades. Although it is simple, it’s effective and meets the needs of many exercisers. Now you can purchase one at home as well, making workouts even more convenient.

Here’s why you need a fan bike – either at the gym or at home:

  1. Anyone can use it – The Schwinn Airdyne delivers a no-impact, seated workout, so it’s ideal for every level exerciser.
  2. Total-body workout – Unlike treadmills, stairclimbers and most stationary bikes, the Airdyne engages your upper and lower body simultaneously, so you benefit from more efficient, effective routines.
  3. Unlimited, progressive resistance – For the most customizable routines ever, simply get on and pedal slowly for less intensity, and speed up for greater resistance. With no buttons to press or a console to program, you’re in total control whether you’re enjoying a leisurely pace or all-out sprints. An inertia drive keeps your speed transitions smooth and safe.
  4. Greater calorie burn – Due to the Airdyne’s 26-blade robust fan and single-stage belt drive, your power is transferred directly into creating resistance. As a result, studies show that you burn more calories on this bike versus a competitor.
  5. Comfortable – No more hard, narrow saddles that cause discomfort when riding. The Airdyne offers an oversized, cushioned saddle with multiple fore/aft adjustments for a custom fit. If you prefer your own saddle, you can easily use it via the universal rail and clamp system.

To help you reach your fitness goals, the Airdyne offers versatility in workouts as well, including:

  1. Warm-ups and cooldowns – Hop on the bike for a quick warm-up before a run or a weight training session, or ride after your workout to cool down.
  2. HIIT – With its infinite intensity, the Airdyne is ideal for interval workouts. You can choose from the Tabata format 20/10 Interval or the 30/90 Interval routines, where you go all out for 20 or 30 seconds and then recover briefly before repeating the cycle. Or use the Custom Interval program to create your own regimen.
  3. Circuit training – Whether you are at home or the gym, the Airdyne fits into circuit workouts perfectly for quick, rigorous cardio blasts.
  4. Time/distance/calorie goal – Fire up your motivation by choosing a specific time, miles covered or calories burned target, and pick your pace and intensity level to achieve your objective.
  5. Recovery workouts – The Airdyne is a valuable alternative to high-impact activities that can take their toll on the body. Use it for light recovery days to benefit from cardio conditioning without all the pounding.
  6. Upper-body emphasis – Use the stationary foot pegs and take advantage of the MultiGrip handlebars to isolate the upper body when your legs need a break or you are recovering from a lower-body injury.
  7. Extra activity – Most of us need to be more active overall. Why not catch up on your DVR programs and burn extra calories at the same time? It’s easy to pedal when you’re watching TV or chatting on the phone. Multi-task your way to better health.

Try out the Airdyne to tone your body and test your limits! Stay Fueled.