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exercise benefits


Everyone knows that exercise helps you shape up, lose weight and look better. And more evidence is pointing toward how exercise benefits can help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among others.



But there are many more exercise benefits – and some you may not have guessed. Research continues to show that when it comes to exercise, benefits are abundant and valuable. Here are a few ways that exercise enhances your health and life.

Exercise Benefits

  1. Improves your mind – Exercise boosts mood, memory and ability to learn by boosting oxygen and blood flow to the brain. By increasing the level of brain chemicals called growth factors, new brain cells and new connections are created.
  2. Boosts your mood – “Runner’s high” really does exist, thanks to endorphins, and contributes to an improved mindset post sweat session.
  3. Reduces stress – Again, workouts increase serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain so you feel better. And there is some natural stress reduction in an intense cardio or strength session where you can combat the buildup of adrenaline from stress.
  4. Heightens immunity – Exercise can increase circulation of cells that fend off viruses and bacteria, so that your body is less susceptible to common colds and the flu.
  5. Enriches sleep – Regular exercisers fall asleep faster and have better sleep quality.
  6. Slows the aging process – Keeping the muscles, bones and joints active and fit can reduce the onset of some conditions typically associated with aging, such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
  7. Enhances skin – Good circulation via consistent exercise shows up in a healthy glow.
  8. Decreases migraines – A recent study showed that exercise can help prevent the onset of debilitating migraine headaches.
  9. Fuels energy – Although it seems counterintuitive, workouts don’t cause fatigue; but give you more energy throughout each day, thanks to a stronger cardiovascular and muscular system.
  10. Extends longevity – People who exercise routinely tend to live longer, probably due to many of the benefits listed above.

Far better than any other health-inducing options, exercise delivers tremendous, lifelong benefits. So get moving!