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products_slideshow_crosscircuit_commercial_standing_advanced-trainingElliptical machines are very popular because they provide low-impact, total-body exercise that virtually anyone can do. But many exercisers tend to perform the same workout repeatedly on ellipticals (or most cardio equipment, for that matter), somewhat mindlessly hitting the manual button and getting moving for 30 minutes.

While any regular exercise routine certainly has value, one of the benefits of the elliptical is that you can vary workouts to help eliminate monotony, boredom or lack of results. You should definitely take advantage of cross training for elliptical workouts.

Don’t be afraid to navigate the console and take on new challenges. Remember, your muscles will benefit from the variety; and, if you just don’t like the routine, simply exit the program and try something different. You have nothing to lose.

At the least, you can simply vary your stride direction and intensity level on your own throughout a manual session to change your regimen. Most premium ellipticals have several pre-programmed exercise routines, including interval training and heart rate regimens, and these are usually a good way to progress beyond manual routines.

Octane offers a great variety of elliptical workouts to keep you going. Here’s few you should try:

  • Custom Interval – lets you determine the resistance levels and the frequency and duration of intervals on the elliptical
  • Goal programs – tackle a 10K or half marathon, or burn 350 or 750 calories in one workout; the program guides you along the way
  • 30:30 Interval – train like an athlete by working at your maximum intensity for 30 seconds and then recovering for 30 seconds to build stamina and torch calories
  • Workout Boosters X-Mode, GluteKicker and ArmBlaster mix up cardio sessions and ramp up variety for workouts that fly by
  • CROSS CiRCUIT – exclusive to Octane ellipticals, this combines cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength training exercisers for a customized, ultra-effective sweat session
  • Stride length (on adjustable stride models only) – With Stride Interval, Dual Direction and Stride Burst, experience the advantages and fun of varying your stride