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Elliptical Machines and Weight Loss


Many people trying to lose weight ask trainers like me what the best cardio machines are. While there is no one type of exercise that far outweighs the others in terms of stimulating weight loss, some do contribute to greater caloric expenditure.


Elliptical machines and weight loss can be a powerful combination. Because ellipticals are low-impact, they are easy on the joints. And total-body movement promotes use of all the major muscle groups and higher caloric expenditure. An elliptical offers variety that can keep you motivated, such as forward or backward motion, various stride lengths and different grip positions.

Plus, numerous workouts on the elliptical machine deliver challenges that help condition muscles and improve stamina. For optimal weight loss, be sure to try interactive heart rate workouts that help to ensure that you are at the proper intensity.

Interval training on elliptical machines can help with weight loss as well, as you alternate between high intensity bursts and steady-state sessions. Research has shown that interval training performed over time leads to more calories burned, a higher metabolism and superior conditioning.

With an Octane Fitness elliptical, you also can use CROSS CiRCUIT to boost weight loss efforts. CROSS CiRCUIT combines cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength sessions on the floor for an exhilarating, efficient total-body blast. Blending cardio and strength is an effective way to challenge the body and drive results.

In the end, no one cardio machine is best for weight loss. The most important aspects are to stay consistent with workouts, continue to add duration or intensity as you get more fit over time and to never give up. A regular exercise program, with variety and challenge, combined with a nutritious diet, should help you get the shape you’re after.