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LateralX-House-Images-5When outfitting your home gym, you must consider the amount of space available, your goals, your budget and who will use the equipment. If you are able to purchase only one machine, you have to determine what works best for you, in light of these multiple considerations.

Any piece of exercise equipment, when used properly and regularly, certainly is beneficial for improving overall health and fitness. But some machines have definite advantages over others, which can make the difference between you using the product consistently and it collecting dust in the basement.

Elliptical equipment, for instance, is loaded with positives for exercisers of all levels, making it a great investment for any simple or elaborate home gym. Keep the following in mind about elliptical machines when evaluating fitness machines:

  • Low-impact – unlike treadmills, on an elliptical, there is no jarring on the joints, resulting in greater comfort.
  • Great variety – you can choose from a traditional standing elliptical, a recumbent elliptical and a lateral elliptical, according to your preference.
  • Valuable versatility – with total-body ellipticals, you can go forward and in reverse; work your entire body; or give the arms a break and use only the legs. On Octane elliptical equipment, you also can isolate the upper-body using side steps for the legs and work just the arms with MultiGrip handlebars.
  • Workouts galore – with Octane ellipticals, no two workouts ever have to be the same if you take advantage of the many programs, resistance levels and Workout Boosters. Plus, Octane’s CROSS CiRCUIT combines customized cardio and strength for effective and efficient interval training, adding virtually endless options to get fit.
  • Accommodating – if there is more than one exerciser in your house, ellipticals can easily offer challenge to everyone from beginners to athletes of all ages.
  • Easy to use – most quality ellipticals let you simply get on and go, without having to endure any set-up or adjustments
  • Compact and quiet – premium ellipticals like those from Octane have a small footprint, and many are self-powered, so they can easily fit anywhere. And quiet operation ensures that your workouts won’t disturb others at home.

Workouts at home are convenient and economical, and elliptical equipment can be an outstanding cornerstone of your home gym for many years.