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Easy weight loss might be a bit of an oxymoron, but by taking the right steps – and sticking to them – you can be successful at losing weight.

In its simplest form, weight loss is about cutting calories (intake) and burning calories (expenditure). If you ingest fewer calories than you burn, your body draws from internal fat reserves and you lose weight. In contrast, if you eat more than you burn up, your body stores these extra calories as fat, and you can gain weight.

So there’s no magic necessary here, but you do have to do the work. Examine your diet and reduce or eliminate high fat foods, fried foods, sugary items and anything known as “junk,” including candy, cakes and cookies, pastries, chips and more. Cut down on alcohol consumption as well, as it can be highly caloric and lead to poor food selections.

Eat more whole grains, low-fat dairy items, fruits, vegetables and lean meats instead. Drink more water and less juice or soda. Control portion sizes to ensure that you’re not overeating, and eat regular meals and limit snacking to control calories.

As for exercise, commit to consistent cardio and strength training workouts to burn the most calories for the best results. Using an elliptical machine like those from Octane can help contribute to easy weight loss. Octane ellipticals work the entire body simultaneously, unlike treadmills, stationary bikes and stairclimbers, for greater muscle use and energy consumption.

Plus, Octane ellipticals provide a valuable variety of expertly designed workouts, including interactive heart rate routines that keep you challenged and allow for customization so that you’re continually improving your fitness levels. With CROSS CiRCUIT, you alternate cardio intervals on the elliptical with strength training exercises on the floor for an invigorating and efficient regimen that combines cardio and strength for faster shaping up.

Performing effective exercise often and regularly is critical to weight loss. What’s great about Octane ellipticals is that because they feel good on the body and offer a ton of different workouts for maximum motivation, you’re definitely more likely to keep using them, which means you’ll shed weight and keep it off. When it comes to weight loss, choose Octane ellipticals as your workout partner, which will exceed your expectations with their long-lasting performance.