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Cross Training on the XT-OneMany of us have our favorite cardio machines that we gravitate toward at the health club. While performing the same exercise beats doing nothing at all, our bodies do better with a variety of workouts. Cross training adds different challenges to keep the muscles and joints working hard for overall better results, helps beat boredom and enhances motivation and adherence.

If you are a health club member, you can choose multiple ways to cross train – from swimming, to yoga, to boot camp, to weight training. Some newer machines now facilitate cross training without having to jump to different pieces of equipment. The XT-One cross-trainer from Octane Fitness enables you to cross train on the same machine – for effective total-body workouts that are low-impact and don’t beat up the body.

This innovative unit lets you walk, run, hike or climb for customized variety – all on one machine. Adjustable stride length from 20”-28” facilitates natural motion at any pace – from a walk to a jog to a run – whether you’re shorter or taller. You can change strides any time on your own, or activate SmartStride interactive ergonomics, which automatically adjusts the stride length based on your pace.

With 10 incline levels, you also can choose to hike the hills or mountains. Adding incline and increasing resistance level (there are 30!) delivers greater intensity for the quads, glutes and hamstrings, and provides a valuable option if you live in a location that lacks this terrain outdoors.

Upper-body variety comes with the MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, which are designed for different grips – overhand, parallel, underhand, wide and narrow – that can more fully engage the upper body to better propel the legs.

The XT-One comes loaded with workouts that integrate cross training, or select Manual and simply change the resistance, stride length and incline at the press of a button anytime during your session. Here are some other innovative ways to take on cross training on the XT-One:

  1. Distance or Calorie Goal – Complete a 5K as gradual resistance changes simulate variance in terrain. Or choose your target calorie burn and cross train with your incline, stride and resistance level until you hit your goal.
  2. Heart Rate Interactive – Choose from Fat Burn or Custom Interval, and the XT-One automatically measures your heart rate and adjusts resistance level to keep you in your specified target heart rate range.
  3. Mountain Peak – Determine your peak incline, and the machine gradually increases resistance and incline level every two minutes to reach the peak; then decreases intensity slowly as you descend.
  4. Progressive Hill – This is a steady climb with increasing resistance and incline to get you to full incline by the end of the workout.
  5. MMA – It’s you against the XT-One, with five-minute rounds that are composed of five alternating “fight” and recovery intervals of various lengths. The harder you push with your arms, the more the machine “fights back” with increased resistance. This is definitely rigorous!
  6. 30:30 Interval – Push yourself through five 30-second sprint and recovery intervals, facing increasing incline with each set. Between sets, the machine measures your heart rate recovery, which is an indicator of fitness level.
  7. Workout Boosters – Available to add to any workout, X-Mode, GlutePower and ArmBlaster deliver extra motivation and variety with one-minute bursts of squat, reverse, pull or push arms and more.
  8. CROSS CiRCUIT – Exclusive to Octane, take on combined cardio and strength sweat sessions, such as total-body blast, upper-body blast, core and more – completing strength exercises adjacent to the elliptical using dumbbells, resistance bands or body weight. This is the ultimate in cross training!

Fuel your workout with the XT-One. Stay Fueled!