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cross training


If you’re an elliptical machine user, you already know some of the benefits of this modality. But did you know that cross training is also a possibility if you have an Octane Fitness elliptical?



Cross training generally is understood to mean varying workouts across different modalities, such as running outside, using an elliptical, lifting weights and doing yoga, for instance. However, cross training also can be performed within a specific modality, such as an elliptical, by doing different types of workouts and not simply settling every session for 30 minutes in a Manual program at level 5.

On an Octane elliptical machine, cross training is easy. Here are just a few ways to add variety and challenges:

  1. Try a different program – Break out of your habits and take on a new workout, such as Random, Hill or Interval. These incorporate valuable interval training that varies high intensity segments with recovery periods for a more productive workout that flies by.
  2. Set a goal – Octane ellipticals give you something to shoot for, with programs like 10K and 350 calories, so all you have to do is get after it – no matter what the intensity or how long it takes. That’s motivating focus and a big sense of satisfaction upon achieving the goal!
  3. Multi-task – With Octane’s CROSS CiRCUIT, you perform combined cardio and strength training intervals, which maximizes workout productivity, effectiveness and calorie burn! No need to separate cardio work from strength – save time and increase efficiency with this total-body blast.
  4. Embrace your inner athlete – Ever tried MMA or the 30:30 Interval program? Designed to be invigorating and push you past your comfort zone, these intense workouts are exclusive to Octane ellipticals and fire up your results with all-out intervals. Don’t be afraid – you can do it!

Cross training is all about changing workouts to keep your mind interested and your body responding – whether you do that across a variety of modalities or within a single one. Just do it!